Weekend Payday Loans

Apply for fast payday loans with weekend transfers and enjoy your leisure time with family and friends. Easy application process and no hard credit checks performed.

Going through cash shortages on typical work days is easier on people. You may get help from banks or credit unions. However, financial distress can hit at any time, even during the weekend. What do you do when you need money urgently, and all the banks are closed for the weekend? Luckily, weekend payday loans from direct lenders can help you get an urgent cash advance. Your deal may not be as convenient, say on a Saturday, compared to any other weekday. For that reason, consider your options before signing on the dotted line of a loan agreement.

Defining Weekend Payday Loans Online

By definition, weekend payday loans are unsecured loans till your next payday. Their main goal is to close a budget gap when you run into a minor financial emergency. Weekend payday loans are not too different from traditional payday loans. Yet, they have a few unique features. First of all, you get an almost instant approval decision 24/7. Secondly, an emergency cash loan has repayment terms that do not exceed four weeks. 

Common situations that would justify applying for online payday loans on a Saturday or Sunday include:

Medical bills;
Urgent car repair;
Immediate home repair or plumbing works;
Last-minute travel planning;
Other unexpected payments. 

How Exactly Weekend Payday Loans Work

When you apply for weekend payday loans, direct lenders follow the same process as for a weekday loan. In simple terms, you submit a loan request and receive the deposit into your bank account if approved. 

Once an online payday lender receives your application, they run a quick verification. Then, you get a notification on your weekend loan approval, provided that you qualify. If you receive the contract and agree with the repayment terms, interest rates, and fees, all you have to do is sign it. Your electronic signature will be enough to confirm a payday loan online. You will have the money deposited the next business day if you get the final approval. 

You must repay your loan in one lump sum. The typical terms for these loan products range between two and four weeks. The due date is usually set based on the day you get your next paycheck. A direct lender deducts the funds automatically from your bank account with your prior consent.

What is the Cost of a Weekend Loan? 

Eligible candidates can borrow from $100 to $1,000, depending on their state. In some areas, state laws cap amounts at $550, $500, or $300 dollar loan. The interest rate on a payday loan is between $10 and $30 for every $100 that you borrow. Thus, if you take $500 at a $15 interest, you have to pay back a total of $575. A $200 will cost you a total of $230. Please note that direct lenders may charge you higher fees for weekend payday loans than for regular payday loans.

These loans’ APR (annual percentage rate) can reach 400%. A two-week loan will typically have a 391% APR. A four-week loan of this type will get to around 283%. 

The Pros and Cons of Weekend Loans

Cash advance loans that you can access on a Saturday or Sunday are attractive to users. After all, they are available faster than most other loans. Thus, you can solve your financial emergencies quickly. On top of that, weekend loans have a simplified online application process. Consequently, you save up time and avoid frustration. Other benefits include:

a high qualification rate due to few requirements, 
fast deposits, and
automatic repayment systems.

Payday loans that you can take over the weekend also have a couple of disadvantages that you need to know. Most often, they will have a higher cost and less favorable terms. As a result, you may find it challenging to pay them off. Keeping in mind that we are hereby referring to short-term loans, you may want to consider a rollover if you can’t repay your debt on time. If state laws approve of it, a rollover extends the loan term. However, that implies more fees and can be dangerous for borrowers.

What Do You Need to Qualify for a Weekend Loan?

The exact qualification requirements will depend on the direct lender that you choose. However, most payday loan providers have the following criteria when establishing your eligibility:

Be a US citizen or permanent resident;
Have an active bank account, more specifically a checking account;
Be 18 years of age or older;
Have a job or a steady income source;
Provide your phone number and email address.

Lenders will more likely transfer you the loan money if your debt-to-income ratio is in your favor. In other words, if you earn enough to afford a payday loan, you are very likely to get the funds within one business day. 

Is a Weekend Payday Loan Bad-Credit Friendly?

An applicant’s credit score is one of the main factors influencing approval. When applying for a personal loan, you need to meet a minimum FICO score to qualify. Banks and credit unions pull applicants’ credit reports via major credit reporting agencies. That is a hard credit check. So, it mainly reveals your current debt with traditional financial institutions. In effect, your credit score decreases after each review. 

Payday lenders only run a soft credit check through alternative reporting bureaus. To them, a bad credit score is not a must. Most people applying for a payday loan have low scores. Moreover, they cannot typically receive approval from traditional institutions. A direct loan provider will instead prioritize your debt-to-income ratio. That means they will most likely approve loan requests from people with a steady monthly income. Moreover, the credit checks that they run don’t affect your credit. 

In short, emergency cash loans accept applicants with both good and bad credit. If you receive a negative response from a bank on your credit history, try applying for a payday loan online. A direct lender is more likely to provide almost instant loan approval. 

Why Apply for a Weekend Payday Loan with ASCIN?

We help borrowers access short-term weekend loans. Customers choose us over other services because of the added value:

Easy online applications. A payday loan on Saturday or Sunday is a couple of clicks away. You need to complete the form with your details and submit it. 

An almost instant approval loan decision. Online lenders take a few minutes to check your qualification for a payday loan. If you are eligible, you will get an offer in no time. 

No hidden fees. Transparency is one of the values all the direct lenders in our network share. You will get all the financial details upfront, clearly stated.

Any credit scores will do. An online lender will not base their decisions on the customers’ scores. They only run soft credit checks that don’t damage your score. When applying for a short-term loan, your credit history is less important than your income source. 

Flexible loan amount options. Unlike online personal loans or traditional secured loans, cash advances let you borrow amounts like $150 and $200. Repaying your weekend loan amount is thus more manageable.

Safe data transfer. The data on your loan application is secure. We protect your personal and financial privacy at no additional cost. 

An entire network of lenders. Applying with us, you reach more lenders. That increases your chances of borrowing money from one of them.

Things to Consider When Comparing Weekend Payday Loan

When rushing through offers for weekend payday loans online, be wary about the risks. Most importantly, watch out for the red flags below:

Companies with a bad reputation. If you see many bad reviews from other customers, choose another financial provider. You can get your weekend funding from a secure source, and basic research will benefit you in the long run. 

Upfront fees. Avoid payday loan providers who ask you to pay anything upfront. You don’t have to make any payments not included in the contract. Steer clear of suspicious intermediaries. They gain access to your personal data and charge extra. 

Unclear terms and conditions. Most lenders will have their terms and conditions clearly stated. If you can’t understand them, ask for clarification. 

Lenders rush you to sign the contract. Read the agreement back to front until you go through all the conditions. Any pressure to sign the document without reading it should alert you. 

Interest rates that are “too convenient.” If the rates for your loan offer sound too good to be true, double-check on the lender. Chances are there is a catch. The payday loans available on the weekend are typically more expensive. 

Weekend advances can wire the loan amount in your checking account in one business day. However, make sure it is the right loan option for you before applying. Consider state-provided financial support if you are going through tough times. Above all, stay informed to make an educated financial decision when you most need it.