Ascin.Com offers emergency payday loans with 1 hour decision! Guaranteed response!

Short-term loans till payday are generally small sums of cash – between $100 and $1,000 – that are made available to consumers in the event of financial emergencies in most cases regardless of their credit histories. Usually, lenders transfer the loans on the next working day.

You can qualify for a payday loan even if you got denial by banks or credit unions. We can successfully match more than 92% of the users who provide their information via our online form and request a match with one of our lenders. Here is the list of requirements you should meet before applying:

  • Age: at least 18 years old;
  • US residence: legal living documents;
  • Contact details: working telephone number, valid bank account, and email address;
  • Workplace: legal employment of at least three months with the same employer;
  • Income: meet minimum income guidelines (at least $1,000).

No lender may guarantee you approval, but there is a high approval rate for all borrowers, even with bad credit scores. So, to qualify, try to meet all the eligibility requirements and submit the loan application form.

The minimum amount of a loan you can borrow depends on the lender, state, or consumers’ financial situation. But usually, the minimum amount ranges between $100 and $300.

Sure thing! Due to the online borrowing process, you provide just email, ID card, and phone number to prove your identity. But usually, direct lenders offer approval decisions via email.

Commonly, the loan provider will make a direct deposit in your bank account within 24 hours of signing the agreement.

The answer is yes! You’ll get the chance to pay for your financial emergencies with a fast payday loan. Our lenders accept all credit ratings and even no credit background. So, feel free to apply ASAP and get your money.

They provide only soft credit checks through alternative credit companies, not major credit bureaus. These checks don’t affect your credit score at all.

It will take you up to 24 hours to get your money. The application process takes you up to 60 seconds, but the approval decision will arrive in several minutes. If you need money asap, consider applying before 11.30 AM and the lender may transfer your loan amount by the end of the same day.

As online technology upgrades, we made the whole borrowing process become easy and hassle-free. Our lenders require minimum information and no faxing for documents. We ensure you a paperless payday loan with the best interest rates.

The overall costs associated with obtaining a short-term cash loan are ultimately determined by the lender following the regulations in the state in which you live. But usually, you’ll pay from $10 up to $30 for every $100 borrowed.

Every state has its regulations and the number of payday loans varies by lender. That is why, if you have outstanding loans, please specify this information in the application form.

The repayment process of payday loans is also online and 100% safe for all consumers. When the loan is due or your paycheck reaches your bank account, the direct lender will withdraw the loan amount plus fees from it. And that’s all!

You should always contact your lender as soon as you are aware that your payment will be late to avoid potentially huge charges. There are regulations for every state that put caps on penalty fees, which is fair for consumers in need. So, before applying, check also the late fees to make an informed decision.

Be sure that we use top-rated security technology as well as physical protocols to protect your information. For more information about how your data is used, feel free to read our Privacy Policy.

You should that there are know criminal actions performed by direct lenders if you can’t pay your loan on time. You can’t go to jail in this case. Just announce to your lender that you can’t pay and find a financial solution to make it till payday.

Although it is free to request a match with a lender who provides short-term loans through Ascin.com, and you can submit your information via our online form as many times as you would like, we ask that you wait 72 hours between consecutive applications. If you have some other loans that you should pay, talk to your lender and see what you can do to avoid debt cycles.

The number of extensions is set by the state regulations. Every lender should obey these rules and apply the legal fees. Please, find out that these extensions have higher fees and interest.