24 Hour Check Cashing Near Me

ASCIN is here to help you with 24-hour check cashing near me. We offer quick, easy check cashing that is designed to get you the money you need when you need it. No strings attached!

How Can I Find 24 Hours Check Cashing Services?

In a perfect world, you would cash checks during normal business hours or working days. However, life is full of unexpected events and unique experiences. For instance, you may need to cash checks at midnight on a Saturday, before or after your bank’s working hours. Fortunately, several companies offer 24/7 check cashing around you for the times you need speedy cash. In short, you can cash your personal checks at banks, some cashing stores, grocery stores, and ATMs.

Alternative to Check Cashing Near Me Now

When talking about quick cash, cash advances are among the fastest options that one can easily access. Before proceeding with more details on check cashing open now, it’s worth mentioning that you may get a cash advance of up to $1,000 within 24 hours. ASCIN is there for you when Walmart check cashing doesn’t work. With a simple online application, you will receive a loan decision in a few minutes on business days. 

A cash advance is a loan that you can take for up to a month. These short-term loans have to be paid off of your next paycheck. A cash advance is for financial emergencies when you need a couple of hundred dollars until your next payday. We don’t advise you to rely on short-term loans to solve long-term financial issues. A short-term loan can be used to:

Pay for car repair services;
Buy essential personal items;
Buy essential personal items;
Fund house repair and renovation work;
Make urgent payments like utility bills and rent.

Unlike traditional loans, which have a more complex set of requirements, short-term cash advances are easy to qualify for if you are:

A US citizen or permanent resident;
The holder of an active bank account;
At least 18 years of age;
Employed or you have a steady source of income;
Willing to share your phone number and email address.

The application process is straightforward. You need to submit a few basic details about yourself together with the loan request. In case of approval, a direct lender will get in contact with an offer. If you agree with the loan terms, you will be invited to sign a loan agreement that confirms it. Once that step is complete, the direct lender will make a direct deposit into your bank account. 

ASCIN Payday Loans enables you to access dozens of reliable lenders at a time without any additional charge. Moreover, we ensure a safe connection between yourself and your lender, as well as the security of your details.

What Companies Near Me Offer Cash Checks?

If you find yourself googling “24-hour check cashing near me open now”, chances are you will find at least a few open places.  Enter your zip code on the map to spot the exact location of a business in your area.

Community Financial Service Center (CFSC) offers check cashing, among other financial services. Make sure to check their business hours, as not all the locations are open 24/7. Moreover, the exact working hours are subject to change. The Community Financial Service Center lets you cash payroll checks, government checks, unemployment checks, insurance checks. Other services provided by the Community Financial Service Center include money orders, bill payment,  installment loans.
PLS Transportation Services and 24/7 Financial Services cashes paychecks, personal checks. A government check is also on their list of services, among others. PLS Transportation Services also provides auto title loans, tax refund checks, and money orders. The company operates in Ohio, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and other states.

What Grocery Stores Will Cash a Check?

Most grocery stores that are open 24/7 and have a check-cashing counter are more likely to provide 24-hour check cashing. Grocery stores will typically cash government checks, payroll checks, and money order checks.  However, not all stores cash personal checks. On the bright side, some businesses (Kroger, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Food Lion, etc) will let you use personal checks to pay for groceries, overpay, and get a cashback.  The checks must be in magnetic ink, not handwritten. Besides, each store has its own rules regarding overpayment limits and other requirements.

Walmart grocery stores usually include a cashing counter. The business hours for check cashing are the same as the store’s working hours. For checking amounts of up to $1,000, you will pay a flat fee of $4. Over $1,000, you will be charged a maximum of $8.  Walmart usually checks cash a payroll check, government checks, cashier’s checks, 401(k), insurance checks, and others.  Walmart stores will also cash a two-party personal check up to $200. You will need an ID to cash checks.
Kroger Co also operates a series of stores, including Ralphs, Dillons, Smith’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, City Market, Metro Market, Mariano’s, Fred Meyer. Most grocery stores under Kroger Co have a 24-hour check-cashing counter. They will cash payroll, business checks, government checks, and insurance checks. Kroger does not cash a  personal check, but they accept it as payment for groceries. Kroger stores charge fees starting at $3 for a check amount of up to $2,000. The cost is higher for larger amounts. Kroger also provides bill payment options and debit card cashing. Besides a valid ID (i.e. US-issued passport or driver’s license), you will also need to provide your social security number.
Tops Markets count more than 100 stores in the NYC area, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Some stores work 24 hours, others are open until midnight. They only cash government checks and payroll checks. You will pay a flat fee of $1 for your speedy cash option if you present valid identification. Tops stores have a $500 limit.
Alberton’s Stores can be found in more than 2,000 locations. Some of them are open 24/7. An Alberton’s store will typically cash an electronically-signed check amount of up to $1,000. The service cost and conditions vary depending on the exact store location.
WinCo Foods has over 100 stores in the US.  Most of them are open 24/7. WinCo Foods cashes payroll checks. However, there is a $1,000 limit per customer and a maximum of two cash payroll checks in a period of seven days. They charge tokens which you can get when buying from their stores. Besides your ID, WinCo will want to confirm your employment status with your boss when you want to cash a payroll check. You will not be able to cash checks dated more than 30 days ago, insurance checks, handwritten payroll checks, two-party checks, etc.

Finding the closest grocery store for check cashing takes a few minutes. If you don’t currently need to cash a check, it’s worth observing what services your nearby stores offer. You never kn0w when you may need speedy cash late at night or over the weekend.

What ATMs Near Me Offer Check Cashing?

Traditional banks don’t typically work around the clock. However, almost all banks and credit unions have ATM machines available 24/7 in the most popular locations. Using an ATM doesn’t qualify as check-cashing per se. Instead, you make a check deposit, then withdraw the money. To use this service, you typically need a bank account with the institution that owns the ATM you intend to use. Having a bank account with the same bank will help you avoid fees. In some cases, the amount of money you can withdraw will also depend on your account settings. Bear in mind that each bank has its individual rules for ATM cash checking.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo had most ATMs in the US at some point. Their ATMs will allow deposits as personal checks, payroll checks, cashier’s checks, and government checks. You can deposit up to  30 checks at once. If you manage to do that before the bank’s cut-off time, you will get your money on the same day, otherwise the next business day.

Truist Bank

Truist Bank ATM machines accept deposits for payroll and government checks. Some of the most popular locations for Truist ATM locations include North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia.

TD Bank

TD Bank has over $1,000 locations on the East Coast, including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina. An ATM belonging to TD Bank will take payroll, government checks, and a few other types. If you have been banking with them for over 90 days, you can withdraw $100 immediately, and get the rest of the money on the next workday.

United Check Cashing

United Check Cashing ATM machines accept insurance, business, payroll, tax refunds, and government checks. The bank allows you to cash a stimulus check without having an account with them.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank counts more than 3,000 ATMs in Ohio, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina. You can retrieve your money the next day after cashing a check, regardless if you have a bank account with them or not.

Bank of America

Bank of America is well-known worldwide. At one of its ATMs, you can have a same-day cashed check for a deposit up to 8 PM. Banking through an ATM owned by Bank of America is only possible for people who already have a bank account with them. Also, if your check is not in magnetic ink from a special printer, you will need to take it to a bank clerk if you want to cash it.


Citibank has a network of ATMs spanning through neighborhoods like the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, and plenty others in the New York area. Their banking facilities can also be found in West Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, South Dakota. Citibank allows you to cash payroll, personal checks, governmental checks. Third-party check cashing is also possible. For a check amount of up to $500, you can cash your checks without being their active customer of the bank.

What Gas Stations Cash Checks?

A few gas station networks double as check-cashing stores. Come to think of it, the service is a very convenient check cashing option. Most locations typical for traditional banks have more rigid working hours. Gas stations, on the other hand, are more like to be open 24 /7 and provide 24-hour check cashing. See below three check cashing options for when you’re on the go. 

Pilot Flying J

All Pilot Flying J check cashing services offer 24-hour services. You can cash under $1,000 at Pilot Flying J gas stations for a small fee. You are entitled to a discount if you also buy gas from them. Moreover, their locations have 24 hour ATMs, which allow you to get up to guaranteed 300 dollar loan with bad credit.

TravelCenters of America

Check cashing is available at TA and Petro locations. You can cash a check of up to $999 in 24 hours. You can save money and have your fee waived if you make certain purchases at their gas station two hours prior to or after check cashing.


Go to the Dillons’ store to cash payroll checks, business, tax refund, and government checks. Only magnetic ink checks can be processed. The fee for check cashing of up to $5,000 is as low as $3.

Do Convenience Stores Allow Check Cashing?

Some convenience stores will have your checks cashed. Stripes, Sheetz, and 7-Eleven will not cash a check at the counter. However, they will often have an in-store kiosk offering services of check cashing near you. Sheetz offers check cashing at some of its store locations. Take note that not all convenience stores cash personal checks. However, the rules change all the time, so asking the check-cashing clerks at the stores providing check cashing near you is the only way to get updated information.

Convenience stores that include  Mr. Payroll cash checking kiosks typically process payroll, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s and government checks. Fees apply depending on the store location and your check to cash. The amount of money you can get by cashing a check depends on the type of check you have.